Community Links

As a service to our customers, we have compiled a listing of companies who provide services in our community.  No referral is intended or implied.

A Cultivated Garden,   Phone: 604-753-8849

Actual Landscaping Inc., Phone 604-462-0237

Aloe Designs,  Phone 604-568-7324

Anne Talbot-Kelly Garden Design,  Phone: 604-732-0336

Architek Sustainable Building Products,  Phone: 604-861-9446

Ava Mina Landscaping & Maint., Phone: 604-518-0060

Azuro Concepts Inc.,  Phone: 604-649-5888

B&C Lawns & Gardens Ltd,  Phone: 604-671-2010

b. jegard Landscaping, 978-37th Ave,East, Vancouver Phone: 604-725-7664

Back To The Garden, Phone: 778-231-9313

Bearmark Design & Landscaping,  Phone: 604-319-9346

Bellis Garden Design, 405 East 35th Avenue, Vancouver, Phone: 604-736-4365

Blackfish Homes Ltd.,  Phone:  604-980-0814

Bloomsbury Designer Gardens Ltd.,  Phone:  604-526-1314

Botanica Design,  Phone:  604-841-1908

Bruce McWilliam & Assoc.,  Phone:  778-919-6317

Carrot Top Gardens,  Phone:  778-895-1972

Clearview Lawn & Landscape, Phone: 604-200-0014

Contour Landscaping,  Phone:  604-436-1189

CYAN Horticulture,  Phone:  604-734-4439

Daisy’s Landscaping,  Phone:  604-366-8652

Damon Oriente Ltd.,  Phone:  604-222-9200

Decked Out Construction, Phone:  778-888-3185

Easton Landscape Design & Installation,  Phone:  604-768-6432

Elemental Gardens,  Phone:  604-831-9283

Elmbrook Landscape & Gardening,  Phone:  604-269-9033

Fabulous Flower Beds,  Phone:  604-614-3530

First Impressions Design, Phone: 604-777-5653

Forma Design Inc.,  Phone:  604-986-9193

Fossil Project Services Ltd.,  Phone:  604-709-8426

Gaile Guevara,  Phone:  604-617-2037

Garden Genie,  Phone:  604-323-0484

GardenMakers Horticultural Consulting, Phone:  604-730-1812

Gemelli Stonework Inc.,  Phone:  604-582-1377

Glenna Partridge Garden Design,  Phone:  604-716-4790

Golden Ears Landscaping Ltd. Phone:  604-830-4352

Green Elevations, Phone:  604-613-2699

Greenscape Design and Décor,  Phone:  604-437-1729

Henkel Construction Ltd,  Phone:  604-836-5696

Hunter Landscape Design,  Phone:  604-536-1146

Janice Girard Design,  Phone:  604-721-0315

Jovak Landscape & Design,  Phone:  604-823-4502

Just In Season Landscaping, Phone: (604) 837-1477 Just In Season Facebook

KBC Developments/Kliewers Bros Construction,  Phone:  778-764-7606

Kenorah Construction & Design,  Phone:  604-940-2767

Landscape 2000 Ltd.  Phone:  604-685-2000

Langara Landscapes,  Phone:  604-764-8341

Lily Design,  Phone:  604-259-1087

M2 Landscape Architecture,  Phone:  604-553-0044

Mango Design Co,  Phone:  604-875-1730

MKL Custom Homes Ltd,  Phone:  604-312-2078

MRD Landscaping Inc.  Phone:  604-961-7737

No Limit Landscaping,  Phone:  604-559-9882

Ogawa Landscape Design,  Phone:  604-294-9995

Organic Angels

Pacifica Landscape Works Inc,  Phone:  604-538-5577

Personal Touch Landscaping Construction,  Phone:  604-228-4344

Pot Incorporated,  Phone:  604-862-4273

Pure Landscapes Ltd.  Phone:  604-861-7873

PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc,  Phone:  604-817-1864

Rakes & Ladders Garden & Property Services,  Phone:  604-737-0170

Rocky Mountain Landscaping,  Phone:  604-870-4900

Sacred Spaces Garden Design,  Phone:  778-893-5100

Samara Landscape Design,  Phone:  604-308-7963

Sarah Gallop,  Phone:  604-952-4448

Secret Garden Landscape Design & Maintenance,  Phone:  604-649-1550

Seedscapes Landscape Creations Ltd,  Phone:  778-938-8008

Shelley Scales Design Associates,  Phone:  778-908-1804

Skookum Landscapes,  Phone:  778-668-9693

space2place, Phone:  604-646-4110

Stillwater Stone Installations,  Phone:  604-676-1422

Swick’s Organic Landscaping,  Phone:  604-315-8592

Synthesis Design Inc,  Phone:  604-980-2087

Take Root Gardens,

Tanya Schoenroth Design,  Phone:  604-781-0480

Tea Tree Gardens Ltd,  Phone:  604-436-2484

Terra Effects Ltd,  Phone:  604-728-1750

The Cavalry,  Phone:  778-298-3434

The Cultivated Gardeners,  Phone:  604-715-5059

The Gardener Landscape Maintenance,  Phone:  905-889-1532

The Grass is Greener Lawn and Landscaping,  Phone:  604-789-9234

The Great Canadian Landscaping Co Ltd,  Phone:  604-924-5296

The Green Man Landscape Services,  Phone:  778-840-0323

Think Green Landscaping Ltd,  Phone:  604-321-9494

Thomas Kyle: Landscape Designer,  Phone:  604-783-3732

Total 360 Photography,  Phone:  604-219-0920

Trillium Landscaping Inc,  Phone:  604-728-7911

Trillium Project Management,  Phone:  604-714-0904

Two Guys Disposal, Phone: 778-888-2466

UrbanEco Landscaping,  Phone:  604-377-9495

Van de Poll Garden Design,  Phone:  604-476-1907

Vancouver Custom Homes,  Phone:  604-757-2776

Vandenberg Landscape Design Ltd,  Phone:  604-835-0531

View Point Contruction,  Phone:  604-568-1481

Watermark Gardens Ltd,  Phone:  604-323-1448

Watershed Land Design Ltd,  Phone:  604-506-6243

Western Landscapers Ltd,  Phone:  604-937-7272

Westland Design Ltd.  Phone:  604-339-6569

Wiedemann Architectural Design,  Phone:  604-313-4241

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Client Testimonials

We can’t seem to stay out of our Beachcomber Hot Tub; it has certainly become a major addition  to the enjoyment level of our home.
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