Customer Care

We build our business one customer at a time. And many of our customers tell us how much they enjoy their new Beachcomber… Why not take part in our Customer Referral Program! When you send us a friend or relative who buys a Beachcomber hot tub, we’ll send you a Thank You gift for your referral.

If you need to contact Beachcomber Hot Tubs directly, please phone our Toll Free Customer Care Line, (North America only), at 1-800-663-6557, or you can send us an email on our Contact Beachcomber page on this website.

Easy Care

Hot Tub Maintenance

People ask us how much maintenance a spa takes. And really, that’s a great question. With a Beachcomber, we recommend our ClearTech™ UV Water Care System, and our Care Free™ water care program for low maintenance and maximum enjoyment.

ClearTech™ UV Water Care
Using the concentrated power of UV light, ClearTech works 24/7 to destroy bacteria and viruses on contact, bringing clean, sterilized water back to you in the hot tub. This purification technology is used in cities around the world for drinking water. In your hot tub, ClearTech gives you clear, sparkling water.

Care Free™ Water Care Program
This two part concentrated granular system gives you a shock treatment, and a filtration enhancing clarifier. It’s simple to apply and easy to use. Look for the Beachcomber Care Free water care product label at your local Beachcomber store.

Virtually Maintenance Free Main Components
From top to bottom – our Heatshield Cover, Acuralux Acrylic Finish and Enviroskirt Cabinetry – your Beachcomber is designed to give you a lifetime of enjoyment, without a lot of maintenance.

Our Guarantee

Beachcomber offers you:

a Lifetime Structural Guarantee,
a Five-Year Total Surface Guarantee,
a Two-Year Equipment Guarantee,
and an available Premium Guarantee that extends your 2 year equipment coverage to 5 years, (Premium Guarantee only available in North America).

Beachcomber founder Keith Scott believes that people who are willing to make a significant investment in their happiness, should get a guarantee that their Beachcomber Hot Tub will perform as promised. He feels limited warranties protect the seller, so Beachcomber offers not one but three guarantees against defects in materials or workmanship for the original owner.

Your Guarantee Coverage. Check your coverage using our convenient online lookup.

Visit your local Beachcomber store for guarantee details.

This is not a complete list of all component coverages. To see all covered items and components included in Beachcomber’s Worldwide Guarantee, and/or the Extended Guarantee, please see your local Beachcomber store for complete details.

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Client Testimonials

We can’t seem to stay out of our Beachcomber Hot Tub; it has certainly become a major addition  to the enjoyment level of our home.
N & S Park