Commercial Partner Program (CPP)

Are you a contractor or developer looking to provide your customers with exceptional quality hot tubs and patio furniture? Looking for a partner that has provided unsurpassed customer service and products for over 25 years? Beachcomber Outdoor Living in Coquitlam can work with you on delivering your customers premium hot tubs and patio furniture including ongoing support and superb customer service.

Our commercial partner programs (CPP) have been set up to work with you as a client from conception to completion in the delivery and service for both large and small developments. Whether you’re replacing individual unit hot tubs within an older building, designing a new townhouse complex, building a new resort community, or overhauling a backyard, we’ll work with you to iron out all the details from delivery to installation. As a developer/contractor, we provide incentives that benefit both you as a client and your customers where our customized commercial programs give great rewards that can be redeemed for great products.

Our CCP is not just limited to contractors or developers but can be utilized for any commercial and residential application including realtor, realtor referrals, landscape designers, architects, and interior and exterior designers.
Contact Wendy at Beachcomber Outdoor Living at (604) 942-1544 or by email for more information on how these programs can benefit you.

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Client Testimonials

We can’t seem to stay out of our Beachcomber Hot Tub; it has certainly become a major addition  to the enjoyment level of our home.
N & S Park