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Why does have a privacy statement? We don’t have anything to hide, and you probably don’t either. But maybe you aren’t comfortable giving out your personal information through the Internet or e-mail. The rapid growth of the Internet and small, isolated incidents that are replayed again and again in the press can cause concern over the security of information. Your information. That’s why:

“Beachcomber Hot Tubs will never, under any circumstances sell your personal information to any third party.”

Beachcomber’s website is becoming a resource for hot tub shoppers online. That’s why our mandate for the Internet is Education & Information. We know that if we teach our customers to identify the best features and value, they will be able to make sound decisions to get the best value for their money. As a Beachcomber customer, you become part of our family, and we treat our family very well.

Your Personal Information

“Any personal information that is submitted to Beachcomber by electronic means either through the internet, email or otherwise will only be used by Beachcomber for the purposes of helping you learn more about Beachcomber Hot Tubs and how to buy a hot tub.”

Beachcomber understands the limitations of the Internet, and that buying a hot tub is a major investment in your well-being. You will probably want to see the product itself. That’s why Beachcomber will, when possible, let your local dealer know when you are requesting information so that you can touch the product first hand and see how we are committed to improving your quality of life.

We do collect some information automatically, such as IP, and some parts of our site use cookies. We only use this information for two reasons: To improve your website experience, and make your surfing more efficient. To track general website usage. We want to know how many people see our site, and what they look at when they come here. Permission Beachcomber will only send information back to you if you give us permission to.

Outside Links

“Our website contains links to our individual dealers’ websites. Beachcomber cannot be held responsible for the use of information that you submit to those sites.”

We are very proud of our entire dealer network. We hand pick the best of the best. Like you, they become members of our family. And you can rest assured that every Beachcomber dealer is the most qualified to help you through the selection and buying process, and support you in a lifetime of ownership.


Beachcomber makes every effort to ensure that our website is correct and current, however all information on this website is subject to change without notice. Please contact your local Beachcomber Dealer to get the most current information on Beachcomber, its products, policies, and offers.

Testimonials & Pictures

We are very proud of our customers and we like to use their stories in our marketing. We have used over 100 of our customer’s stories and pictures over the last couple of years. We want your pictures and stories. If you send us a photo of how you enjoy your tub or a letter telling us how your Beachcomber Hot Tub has improved your quality of life, we will send you a special gift, and we may use it in our next big marketing piece.

Click here to e-mail your testimonial or digital photos.

Unless you specifically state otherwise, by sending us your testimonial and/or photograph you authorize Beachcomber to use those materials in any way it sees fit that includes all advertising or promotional materials. Although we reserve the right to edit or use only portion of your testimonial, we promise never to use these materials out of proper context.

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Client Testimonials

We can’t seem to stay out of our Beachcomber Hot Tub; it has certainly become a major addition  to the enjoyment level of our home.
N & S Park