300 Series

The Beachcomber 300 Series gives you extra value!

If you are entering the hot tub lifestyle for the first time, and are looking at your budget – you never have to worry about price with Beachcomber. Take a look at these hot tubs – they are value packed with standard features. The reason you don’t need to worry about price is because Beachcomber builds every hot tub the same way – they are hand made one by one, in the same factory. The only difference in price is the size, design, options and configurations. We have designed the 300 series with your budget in mind, to give you the ‘hot tubbing joy’ you are looking for, with added value. PLUS – you get our famous Worldwide Guarantee for that peace of mind, no matter what city or town you live in.

Beachcomber’s Starter 300 Series

300 Series establishes the benchmark of quality that has made Beachcomber Hot Tubs famous for their engineering, performance, style, and durability. Our 300 series delivers fundamental value at an affordable price. For health and wellness for the family on a budget, 300 series is the best place to start.

300 Series Unique Features

  • ET30 Management System Technology
  • Best choice for price, equipment and value
  • Engineered with a Powerful Pump
  • Worldwide Guarantee

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Client Testimonials

We can’t seem to stay out of our Beachcomber Hot Tub; it has certainly become a major addition  to the enjoyment level of our home.
N & S Park