700 Series

The Beachcomber Lineup Series has something for everyone!

One of the essential elements that you’ll find in every Beachcomber – is Quality. The same high quality materials and workmanship goes into every Beachcomber, to the same exacting standards. The only difference in price is in the size, design, configuration and available options. Our philosophy of built-in quality gives you and your family health, happiness and well being for years to come. With our 34 Years of experience in engineering and design, you know you get the ideal environment for life’s essentials in a Beachcomber, to enjoy life with family and friends. After all, isn’t that what life is about?

Beachcomber’s Ultimate 700 Series

700 Series sets the benchmark of hot tub excellence to its highest. Top options and features and our best design and contour seating arrangements make a 700 our highest achievement in expertise. It’s the ideal environment for you and your family! You have purchased the best in a Beachcomber 700.

700 Series Unique Features

  • ET70 SmartSense™ Management System
  • Twin Powerful Pumps for Top Performance
  • Most number of FlexJets™ for customized massage
  • Trademark large footwells for deep relaxation
  • Worldwide Guarantee

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Client Testimonials

We can’t seem to stay out of our Beachcomber Hot Tub; it has certainly become a major addition  to the enjoyment level of our home.
N & S Park